Distributed Energy
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Renewable Energy

Build a portfolio in renewable energy, vetted by industry veterans and trusted by hundreds of investors

Benefits of a Managed Portfolio

Benefit from investment opportunities across geographies

Automatic Diversification

Benefit from investing across geographies and asset types in the Developing World.

Invest in multiple assets at a substantially lower minimum

Leverage Options

Renewable energy investments are annuity based. The cash flow is locked in over the length of PPA with break-even around 4-6 years depending on the length of the Power Purchase Agreement.

Renewable energy investments are annuity style investments

Dependable Cashflows

Renewable energy investments are annuity style investments. The cash flow is locked in typically over 7 to 20 years.

Why Renewable Energy Assets?

We help you diversify your asset allocation with private renewable energy assets to create a more efficient portfolio and improve your risk-adjusted returns.

Less Volatile

Lower Returns


Energy Assets



Higher Returns

More Volatile

Benefits of Investing with Distributed Energy

Managed portfolio participants invest alongside institutional investors and DE executives who have jointly committed millions of dollars to date.


Target Net IRR for Selected Investments to Date

7-20 years

Average Length of Investment


Client Diversification Available

Investing with Distributed Energy has a meaningful impact

Impact Investing

Environment Friendly

We focus on investments in solar rooftop, which enables traditional industries to change their power source to clean energy.

Aligned with UN SDGs

We meet the criteria for multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by helping investors invest in public goods.

Developing World Centric

We focus on investments in India, East Africa, and the Middle East, where access to capital for renewable energy is low.

Investment Options

Solar investments until now has only been available to large institutions. We want to make renewable energy a viable investment class for ALL investors by offering flexibility in making investment decisions.

Own the Plant Directly
You can invest in a solar plant directly. This is attractive if you want to leverage the depreciation benefits of the asset in the relevant jurisdiction or if the PPA customer is a related party.
Co-Invest in a HoldCo
Invest in a C&I focused managed HoldCo for renewable assets in India. Your equity will be valued at Net Present Value (NPV) and become part of a portfolio of investors. The risk is diversified and returns are based on existing customers and new assets.
Dedicated SPV
For investors committing $500,000 or more, we can create a dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the investor. We manage the SPV as well as the customers end to end so there are no management overheads or challenges for the investor.
Alternate Investment Fund (AIF)
This is a unique opportunity to invest in India’s first Renewable Energy AIF with target 15% IRR to investor (pre-tax) over 10 years and have an impact in accelerating deployment of solar assets across commercial and industrial sectors. Minimum investment is ₹1Cr to participate.

*Through our banking relationships, depending on jurisdiction, portfolio size and bank structures, we can leverage your portfolios at attractive interest rates for all four structures, vastly improving your IRR.

How does it work?

As experienced platform aggregators, we match credible renewable energy projects with investors. Energy customers will have their fundable projects listed on our marketplace but only after we’ve screened and performed a comprehensive due diligence on various aspects of the project. With a Managed Portfolio, we do the heavy lifting for you by allocating your capital appropriately around your pre-defined criteria. Talk to us, to find out more.

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Distributed Energy