Distributed Energy

Energy Customer Profile

Our Energy Customer is headquartered in Dubai and is a fast-growing consulting firm with a global footprint that includes international offices in Kenya, Hong Kong and India. They provide consulting solutions on areas of business strategy, technology, finance and human capital.

The proposed project is for powering the Energy Customers  factories in Bangalore, India using rooftop solar, off-setting the use of power from the grid. This is a means not only to reduce the energy paid to the electricity board but also for preserving the environment, by using a clean source. Based on the proposed installation capacity, the system cost is $549,299. Our Customer has 2 projects that are open for investment. Based on the site visit, installation capacity is as follows and we are quoting for the same.

    • Paper/Polymer Division – 650 kW
    • Apparels Division – 350 kW

A total of 1,000 KW can be installed in the above areas and we are quoting for the same. Distributed Energy provides the Customer the option of BOOT Model. Under this plan, we will install the solar system at the Customer’s premises. The lease duration is 7 years and cost per unit is $0.07 without change for the full lease period.

Distributed Energy