Distributed Energy

Solar Simplified.


IRR for Investors in Solar.


Savings for Customers who install Solar.



For Energy Customers

Solve your energy needs with cheaper, reliable and clean energy - no capital expenditure required.

We collect your details, help design an efficient solar power plant and offer a power rate that is better than the market. Our technology-powered energy platform matches your project with investors. Our fees come from operating the plant over its lifetime, maximising energy generation for both you and the investor.

For Investors

We seek the best opportunities in captive renewable energy.   

We understand difficult, developing markets. We source the best deals in these markets and are investing heavily in risk management and technology. We also execute projects and so understand where the hidden costs lie. Our fees are tied to revenue generated from the plant - maximising energy generation and IRR for you and the customer.


Plastics Product Manufacturer

Mysore/Satara, India

System size of 790 kW.

STATUS: Open for Investment

Specialist Niche Manufacturer

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

System size of 400 kW.

STATUS: Open for Investment

Contract Manufacturing Factories

Bangalore, India

System size of 1000 kW.

STATUS: Subscribed and Commenced


Why not let us build you a managed portfolio in renewable energy?

Automatic Diversification

Benefit from investing across geographies and asset types in the Developing World.

Reduced Minimums

Invest in multiple assets at a substantially lower minimum compared to investing in individual assets.

Dependable Cashflows

Renewable energy investments are annuity style investments. The cash flow is locked in typically over 7 to 20 years.


G. R. Durairaj

Managing Director, GRK ESTATES

Installation of solar support system: "They really listened to what we wanted to achieve from this project and provided a comprehensive solar solution for our total energy requirement of 125 kW for two of our projects -  Schangalaya Motors and Schakralaya (Tata Motors). Working with the team was exceptional, from initial contact all the way through to project completion and system activation. The entire process was seamless from our perspective and we were pleased to see how integrated the installation was from beginning to end. They provided us with a complete turn-key solution with superior customer service. Overall, we are happy with the professional results and will once again be partnering with Distributed Energy on a pilot project for our group theatres. This particular solar support project for our movie screens will be the first of its kind in the world. Hearty congratulations from Team GRK."


Amith S.


"I am constantly searching for investment opportunities that are simple, reliable and consistent. I’ve invested in several projects with Distributed Energy and have been consistently impressed with the competitive and reliable returns. The team is accessible, candid, patient and knowledgeable about the energy sector. At the end of the day, it really does come down to who you are investing with and I'm happy to have been an investment partner with this high performing team."


We are investing in technology to enable renewable energy in emerging markets

Securitisation of Assets

Securitisation of

We make the investment attractive for the secondary market by creating digital contracts.

Micro Power Plant Billing and Management

Micro Power Plant Billing and Management

Our web-based software provides us with real-time information, meaning we will be one step ahead and deliver the best results.

Demand Side Management

Demand Side

We utilise integrated smart energy systems that will enhance your business’s energy resiliency, not only in the short-term but also the long-term.

Distributed Energy