Distributed Energy

Harness Solar Power and Reduce Monthly BPC Charges

September 16, 2022 • DE Energy

Distributed Energy rooftop solar Botswana

We fund and install solar for Educational Institutions in Botswana

As platform aggregators, we understand your power needs. Our cross sector experience gives us the ability to offer you the best solar solution and pricing. We normally save millions for our customers in their electricity bills!

Who we are?

Distributed Energy is a multi-country renewable energy aggregator. We make renewable energy accessible for organisations by spreading the cost of the solar plant over time. We fund solar plants through investors for renewable energy projects, help commission solar plants and oversee their management on behalf of investors. Our team has extensive experience funding and deploying solar plants in key markets. We have successfully deployed projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Next Steps

If you own, or are in the leadership of an Educational Institution that can stand to benefit from solar cost savings, you are in the right place. Register today for a one-on-one consultation call with our experts.

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    Distributed Energy