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Have you been looking for investment opportunities to offset your risk profile? Are you looking for investments aligned to your values? Look no further, Distributed Energy is introducing solar investing as an asset class to investment-savvy individuals in India. Register now for our webinar designed exclusively for you: “What makes solar investing attractive and less volatile?″, on 18th February 2021 at 4 PM to know more.


If you are an existing investor looking to diversify your portfolio or someone interested to explore annuity style investing options, you are at the right place. This session talks about asset allocation, what is green energy, why solar investing is safe and sustainable and why you should invest in this low volatility asset class.

What does Distributed Energy do?

Distributed Energy is a renewable energy aggregator. We fund solar plants through investors for renewable energy projects, help commission solar plants and oversee their management on behalf of investors.

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    MATHEW MAZHUVANCHERY, Co-Founder & CEO, Distributed Energy

    Mathew Mazhuvanchery
    CEO & Co-Founder @Distributed Energy
    Mathew drives project execution, process, operations and maintenance at DE. Prior to DE, Mathew founded Dubai-based Aggrego in 2013 to provide optimised end to end services in the Offshore Energy sector. Mathew sold Aggrego to a KKR owned private equity company in early 2016. Mathew holds a MBA from the University of Oxford and has an MS in Systems Engineering from University College London.

    SUDHAKAR K.S., Co-Founder & Chairman, Distributed Energy

    Sudhakar Kadavasal
    Chair & Co-Founder @Distributed Energy
    Sudhakar focuses on fundraising, structuring and compliance at DE. Separately, Sudhakar oversees a family/group office with a diverse business portfolio including interests in Logistics, Chemicals, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, IT & BPO. Sudhakar is a former President of the Chennai Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO).

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