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Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in a post COVID-19 world

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic and global restrictions resulting in business closures and travel prohibitions may contribute to the wors

May 21, 2020 • DE Energy

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Solar’s Future Is Insanely Cheap (2020)

Solar is plunging in cost faster than anyone, including me, predicted. Today I'm publishing an update of my solar cost forecasts from 2015, with more data & improved methods.

May 20, 2020 • DE Energy

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India’s energy options after COVID-19

I write this not long after the US Oil futures contract price was negative. Oil is trading at unprecedented low levels. Low prices are usually a curse for green energy, but this time may be different.

May 7, 2020 • DE Energy

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Impact Investing as an Emerging Asset Class

Over the last decade, there have been similar ideas that have evolved alongside impact investing - ethical investing, sustainable investing...

April 24, 2020 • DE Energy

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Comparing Renewable Energy Costs

Cost of solar panels have been reducing more than 10% YoY for the last decade. In fact, the cost of solar PV modules is now 99%...

April 20, 2020 • DE Energy

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The case for Solar Energy Assets in your Investment Portfolio

As I write this, the market has just had its most recent downturn. The prophecy of the 10 year bull market continues, although...

April 17, 2020 • DE Energy

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Coping-20: Survive, and then Thrive through COVID-19

There is a popular meme circulating – who is responsible for your company’s digital transformation - A) The CTO, B) The CEO or C) COVID-19?...

April 5, 2020 • DE Energy

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