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Webinar: Minimize Monthly BPC Costs and Drastically Cut Maximum Demand Charges with Solar

Discover how you can save millions on your power bill through our FREE webinar. Register today | May 10, 2024 at 4 PM CAT At Distributed Energy, we take the headache of installing solar away by procur

April 12, 2024 • DE Energy

Distributed Energy partner webinar


Register today to join our webinar | Mar 14, 2024 at 3 PM EAT Be part of Distributed Energy’s exclusive partner network that aims at accelerating solar adoption in emerging markets. We offer solar s

February 23, 2024 • DE Energy

Rooftop solar

Maximise Your Savings and Sustainability: Providing solar-as-a-service for Kenyan Businesses.

Is your business looking to reduce its energy costs? Are your monthly electricity bills over KSh 200,000? If so, fill-in the form below to get started. At Distributed Energy, we take the headache of i

June 30, 2023 • Manjari

Minimize Monthly BPC Costs and Drastically Cut Maximum Demand Charges with Rooftop Solar

Solar solution provider for businesses in Botswana. We collect your details, help design an efficient solar power plant, reducing your BPC charges significantly. Our technology-powered energy platform

June 22, 2023 • DE Energy

Unlock Savings and Sustainability: Go Solar with Zero Upfront Costs for Your Business in India

We Fund and Install Solar at Zero CapEx for C&Is in India Discover a brighter future for your business with our revolutionary solar solution. Slash up to 40% off your power bills while we handle e

June 12, 2023 • DE Energy

Economiser de l’argent sur vos factures d’électricité

Nous finançons des centrales solaires pour des entreprises et des institutions au Burkina Faso qui ont des factures de plus de 500 mille francs CFA par mois. Avantages pour les consommateurs d’éne

March 7, 2023 • Manjari

Distributed Energy Solar Storage

Economic Impact of Renewable Energy: Projection 2023

Renewable energy will have significant economic impact in 2023 and the future. Switching to renewables can bring individual energy costs to near zero in the long run. It also helps unstable economies

February 3, 2023 • DE Energy

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