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Solar Regulations in Andhra Pradesh, 2021

Andhra Pradesh is the second largest clean energy producer in India. The state currently contributes to 10% of India’s renewable energy production with a total capacity of 8,220MW.

April 13, 2021 • DE Energy

Overview of Renewable Energy Plan and performance in Maharashtra

In line with the Paris Agreement, the Government of Maharashtra has committed to achieving 40% of its electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2030.

April 1, 2021 • DE Energy

உங்கள் மின் கட்டணத்தில் 15%க்கும் அதிகமாக சேமிக்கலாம்

100kW+ திறன் கொண்ட சூரிய ஆலையை உங்க நிறுவனத்தில் அமைப்பதற்கு நிதியளிக்கிறோம்

March 26, 2021 • DE Energy

Development of Solar Energy Projects in Tamil Nadu

Renewable energy and climate change are topics that are gaining importance among Governments and businesses in India. As regulations and adoption rates vary vastly between different states...

March 22, 2021 • DE Energy

WEBINAR: THINK SAVINGS: How Can Solar Power Your Success?

You may have heard people talk about how installing solar panels can save money for the business. In a simple manner, we will explore how solar works, the kind of power you can expect, where batteries

March 22, 2021 • DE Energy

Market Views

Opportunities of Floating Solar PV in Large Reservoirs in India

There are more than 400,000 square kilometers (km2) of man-made reservoirs in the world. The deployment of floating solar is well positioned to accelerate in growth....

March 16, 2021 • DE Energy

A Simple Guide to Solar Energy and Investing in Solar

Over the last couple of months, we’ve held multiple webinar sessions aimed at educating our audiences on solar power and how it can help you, both as an energy customer and potential investor with..

February 28, 2021 • DE Energy

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