Distributed Energy


At Distributed Energy, we are investing in technology to enable renewable energy adoption and efficiency. That means we are focused on securitisation of our assets to build a secondary market, power plant management including optimization and remote management, demand side management for our customers and environmental credit management. Here is an overview of what we are working on in each area. All of this technology is currently in private alpha. If you're interested in trialing any of it at your end, please feel free to contact us.


Securitisation of Assets

One of the challenges of renewable energy investment, even for sophisticated investors, is the long-term nature of the investment.

For us to offer a meaningful IRR, most investments are 12-25 years in nature. While cash flow is strong, overall capital lock up is high and to break-even it can take 5-7 years. In light of this, we've developed contracts that will offer greater liquidity options to investors, and pass on the benefits of solar projects to those who want to exit in the short-term. All of the projects we deploy are securitised. However, a public exchange will only be made available in a few years.

Captive Projects

  • Lists project & requirement
  • Team reviews credit
    risk / viability

Review & Invest

Backed by real assets

Portfolio view

Contracts that can be liquidated


  • Can invest
  • Review portfolio
  • Status dashboard

Smart contracts connecting participants with assets

Standardises and quality assures its developer partners

Continually optimises a large pool of generation across India and Africa

Billing and Management

All our solar plants are small with web-connected inverters

We are building software that is web-based, providing real-time information on generation and enhancing our power plant management capabilities. The data being collected not only supports us with billing insights but also helps us build more advanced models for future plants. In addition to this, we are working on a software that will help us to remotely maintain, manage and optimise operations at our plants.


Web-connected inverters provide information on power plant performance at any given time, regardless of locale.

Data is collected and rigorously analysed on a consistent basis and used to develop metrics and optimise existing models.

Real-time information, data analysis and performance measurements helps us to optimise our operational practices, identify gaps and deliver the best results.

Demand Side Management

Customers should be great at their business and not managing their power needs!

Our customers normally operate small and medium-sized businesses. Their primary focus should be running the business, not worrying about managing their power needs. We are invested in the success of your business as much as you! And so, we are providing tailored energy solutions to business owners that will enhance their energy resiliency. Our goal is to assist businesses in efficient utilisation and planning of power, not just in one area of operation, but across the board, by utilising smart energy systems. This will be mutually beneficial, for the business and also for investors, who will be receiving optimal IRR's.


Data At Your Fingertips

Our integrated smart energy system will provide energy customers with easily accessible data on energy usage of business assets. We intend to optimise data collection across a range of machinery and assets to ensure that our customers can keep up with fluctuating needs of power.

Managing Complexity

Our sensors will detect any changes in the mechanical behaviour of an equipment well in advance of any failure. This essentially allows us to transition from reactive to predictive maintenance. We use this data collected to optimise our power plant and predict any energy demand / supply gaps.

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

The data collected over a period of time is further analysed to create energy usage metrics and identify energy demand trends in the short and long-term, allowing us to improve the resiliency of our power plant and provide uninterrupted power for your business.

Distributed Energy