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Nous finançons des centrales solaires de 30kW+ pour des entreprises et des institutions au Burkina Faso Avantages pour les consommateurs d’énergie Nous comprenons vos besoins en énergie. Notre expérience intersectorielle nous permet de vous proposer la meilleure solution solaire au meilleur prix. Nous analysons vos données afin de structurer la conception d’une centrale solaire la […]


Renewable energy will have significant economic impact in 2023 and the future Switching to renewables can bring individual energy costs to near zero in the long run. It also helps unstable economies to achieve energy independence, creates jobs in the local market with locally available resources. Cheapest form of energy In many parts of the […]

Renewable energy is a major driver for achieving sustainable living in India, being a third largest energy consumer being China and the US.

तुमच्या वीज बिलावर 15% किंवा त्याहून अधिक बचत करा आम्ही कंपन्या आणि संस्थांसाठी 100kW व त्याहून जास्त क्षमतेच्या सौर प्रकल्पांना निधी देतो. सोलर पॅनल बसवल्याने व्यवसायासाठी पैसे कसे वाचता येतील याबद्दल तुम्ही लोकांचे बोलणे ऐकले असेल. सोप्या पद्धतीने, आम्ही सोलर कसे कार्य करते, आपण कोणत्या प्रकारची उर्जा अपेक्षित करू शकता, बॅटरी कुठे अर्थपूर्ण आहेत आणि […]

Despite solar being a net-zero emission source, there are still reservations about its use, owing to its variable nature. This has led to increased usage of solar trackers for improving the efficiency of systems towards accelerating solar adoption.

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As the world transitions to renewable energy, there is equal focus on the issue of energy storage. The renewable energy market is expected to reach 2 Trillion USD by 2030. There are growing concerns about its sustainability. Firms now funnel more money into developing cost-effective and high-performance energy storage systems. Let’s see a brief overview […]

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Be part of Distributed Energy’s exclusive partner network that aims at accelerating solar adoption in emerging markets. We are a solar project aggregator, operating primarily in India, UAE, Africa and Singapore, targeting businesses and commercial establishments that can save crores on their electricity bills by adopting solar energy. With a seasoned management team, we employ […]

Distributed Energy